Hi!  I'm Annie. 

I love home decorating & family.
The House That Jade Built was named after our home that my husband built on his own - from the nursery rhyme The House That Jack Built.  By own - I literally mean his own two hands as well as many of my family members chipping in their time and knowledge.  We only hired out our drywall for lack of time & our carpeting.  We can carpet, but we just can't seam!

This blog a place to share my life with others. This means the good, the bad, and the ugly (grammar included!).  I'm extremely random & I often find humor in the craziest of situations.  You'll find stories about my kids, updates to my house, furniture redos, and the celebration of my entire family posted here.  This is truly a journal of my life.  So please - stay awhile and enjoy - leave a comment or two - I love them!

Jade & Annie
Aubrie Grace
Everett Mason
Ollie Faith

Ollie Faith is rocking a bonus chromosome.  She has Down Syndrome.  We celebrate her 47th chromosome & every journey she's taking us on in life, including open heart surgery.  She's an absolute rockstar!