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Did you know about Ollie's heart condition and Down Syndrome before birth?
Yes & No.  On October 4th we had a level II ultrasound.  We found out that Ollie showed several markers for Down Syndrome, but we refused an amnio.  I was only 20 weeks pregnant and there was a risk we'd miscarry from the amnio & it just was not worth us to have a yes/no answer on the Down Syndrome and honestly Down Syndrome wasn't a huge issue to us.  So the DS was a most likely, but not a for sure until birth.  We knew about her heart condition for sure.  At 23 weeks they did a full echocardiogram on her heart & that's when we knew the facts about her heart.  She had a Complete balanced AV Canal defect & would need open heart surgery at 3-6 months of age.  It was scary.  Really scary, but I am glad we knew during the pregnancy because we were able to celebrate at her birth & we were able to find the best hospital for our family for her delivery & post delivery care.  If we wouldn't have know - the heart stuff would have been overwhelming after her birth & who knows when our local hospital would have found out she had heart issues at all.  We toured Peoria & met with a cardiologist there & then we toured St. Louis and met with teams of doctors there.  We selected St. Louis for Ollie's hospital.  It's closer to home & it is just an amazing place.  So we delivered her there on February 10th, 2011.  They have a Down Syndrome clinic that she gets checkups at and her cardiology team is there as well.  On June 9th, 2011 she returned for her open heart surgery.

What's the story with Aubrie's glasses?
When Aubrie was 18 months old we started recognizing that she was crossing her eyes a lot.  At first we thought it was for fun & quickly realized that it wasn't intentional.  It took forever to see a pediatric opthamologist, but on August 15th, the day before Everett was born, she got in.  She is far sighted & was rocking a significant prescription of +5.5 in both eyes.  She got her first pair of specs on August 16h as I was delivering her baby brother.  She was 20 months old.  She wears her glasses like a champ & she's currently in a +5.75 script.  I am a HUGE proponent of testing your babies eyes by their first birthday.  It is an absolute must do!  Everett had his eyes tested when he was one, and Ollie gets her eyes tested in August of 2011.  Check out Little Four Eyes.

What paint colors are in your home?
Wall Colors:
Living Room/Kitchen/Foyer: a dark turquoise - Ace Hardware Forgotten Secret A38-5
Master Bedroom: a fun green - Ace Hardware Limeheart B29-5
Master Bathroom: One shade lighter green than master - Ace Hardware Picture Perfect B29-4
Aubrie's & Everett's Room: a perfect gray
Ollie's Nursery: a barn red - Ace Hardware Lady in Red A11-7
Kids' / Guest Bathroom: an emerald / Jade green - Color Place - Walmart - Arugula 91322
Basement: a fun canary yellow: Walmart Color Place Thai Silk 91212
Laundry Room: truly tide orange - Ace Hardware Indian Paintbrush A17-6
Basement Bathroom: Caruso Blue - Color Place - Walmart - 91433
Maggie & Kylie's room:  a sweet turquoise- Ace Hardware - Peace River A38-3
Caroline & Penelope's room:  a sassy greenish yellow - Ace Hardware - Goldendale A29-4
Furniture Redos:
Office Desk Redo - Ace Hardware Rossland A38-4
Foyer Yellow Armoire Redo - Lowe's - Fuzzy Navel
Gray Armoire Redo in Everett's room - Ace Hardware - Acropolis
Pink Coffee Table - Ace Hardware - Hibiscus

Where are your favorite places to shop?
For Junk - 3rd Sunday Market in Bloomington, any rummage or garage sale, goodwill, auctions, junk shops - treasures can be found most anywhere - some of the best come from the side of the road or a friends junk pile. 
New Stuff - TJ Maxx is my favorite by far - along with it's wonderful partner Home Goods
I also find the goods at Walmart, Target, Menards, and Kohls - just depends on what you are looking for!