Hey friends - want to put some skin in the game & add extra incentive to your weight loss goals?????   

Check out the link below & join in a DIET BET with ME- if you lose 4% of your weight in 28 days you split the pot of CASH with anyone else that hits that goal - you invest $35 to join but may get much much more in the cash pot!  I know many of us wouldn't mind to drop some weight & to win some cash in the end sounds like a pretty sweet deal too!  

Now here is my warning I want you to do it the good old fashioned way - hard work - exercise + nutrition! It's about getting healthy & getting rewarded - NO starvation tactics or you will gain it all back and possibly then some!  Go check it out - it's all online & we can do this as a team!!  We start September 23 - October 20th!

If you want my help & guidance email me anniereidfitness@gmail.com & we can design a plan that WILL WORK for you!  

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