It's hard to believe how fast your babies grow up, but they do!

He started off chubby at a whopping 8 lbs 11 oz with dark black hair that laid so nice!

Within a year we knew his personality.  He was sweet, slept all night, never cried, and loved his big sister!

By 2 his true colors were coming out, he was a walking tornado always into something and taking things to a new level beyond what his bigger sister had thought up!  He was a walking concussion that always shook it off - I to this day don't know how!

At 3 he was just full of personality and most definitely my favorite little boy ever!

At 4 we saw him as an older brother that would do anything for his new baby sister - they are also the best of friends.  He is the most love able little boy I know - kisses and hugs have always been his thing!

At 5 he constantly made us laugh with his crazy antics - he loves the DS & his Wii and loves to make friends everywhere he goes.  It's true take him to the park and I guarantee you some 15 year old girl knows who he is and acts like they are BFFs - I'm not quite sure how he does it - but he does!  He also hugged everyone and kissed them goodbye - he even tried to get the mail man!  Ha!

Going into 6 is exciting!  I'm a little sad that he's so big, but yesterday he wasn't too big to still hold my hand!  It's an exciting year for him - we are doing Kindergarten again since his birthday is so late & he's really matured since this spring!  He's sweet, funny, kind - he'd do anything for anyone, he always shares, and he always smiles!  I'm very blessed to be his Mom and proud to call him mine!  He's definitely a light in our lives!

Happy Birthday Everett Mason - don't wear out your Wii today with all your new games!

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