Well they are back at it! 

Aubrie went to 2nd grade.  Here is what I've basically gotten out of her since she started..."Mom everyone knows it's impossible to make new friends in 2nd grade."  Really?  I did not know this.  But apparently it is so.  She's already requesting a cell phone and Ipad Touch - apparently some other 7 year olds have them already.  Seriously people - my mind is blown.  Not gonna happen Aubrie, not gonna happen!  She's again a top notch student that is brown nosing her teacher daily - it's how she rolls and she's quite good at it!

Everett is repeating Kindergarten.  Why?  Because he just turned 6 August 16th.  There are many reasons, but last year he was one of the smallest, he struggled with maturity, attention span, and impulses.  I feel like he really, really grew up and changed so much since March to now.  So this year he's going in as the big dog.  If I say he's one of the biggest he gets mad - he IS NOT the biggest, he's just bigger than some of the kids.  His teacher sent a note and said she already cried this year over his progress & that he is her go to guy!  Yep I'd say repeating kindergarten is most likely the best move ever for our little dude.  When I ask him about his day - he remembers nothing - literally nothing other than it was good & he liked lunch and recess.  

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