It's how funny how things change.  

When I didn't have a purpose in my life other than Mommy and going to my job, I started this blog to share stories about my kids and mainly my home.  I felt so empty because I was just going through life, uninspired, wasting time, and I wanted something to look forward to.  So blogging about my house, new projects, updating things on the weekend gave me a hobby.  It gave me something to work on.

Then with Ollie's prenatal diagnosis & birth then later her open heart surgery this blog was my therapy.  It was my outreach.  It was a way to find other families just like mine.  A way to find other Mom's to ease the stress on my heart.  A way to be a fly on the wall in homes of people raising kids with Down Syndrome so life wasn't so scary, but just a new form of normal.  And it was a way for me to put it out there how I felt when I was surrounded by people wanting to throw me their own pity parties.  It was a way for me to celebrate my daughter's life before she arrived and to show the world that no matter what she was still loved & we were still blessed.

Now my blog focuses on our transformation now.  Honestlly, our life is a new normal.  We are happy.  We are in a good place.  We have three wildly beautiful kids that are healthy & strong.  We (my husband & I) are for the first time truly healthy inside and out too!  We focus on exercise & nutrition and we pay it forward by helping others change their life.

But one thing I've realized even though this blog has changed so much is that when life gets good - blogs are more far and few between!  It's so hard to sit down and right because there is SO MUCH to write about!  There is so much that I can't figure out where to start, how to condense, what to say.  Because life is so full & so good right now. 

So if you  have blog requests post them up!  More fitness?  More food?  More Ollie?  More house?