You know you are a stay at home Mom when....

1.  Your kids stay in their underpants most of the day.  And everyone sprints to get dressed before opening the door for the mail man around 3 PM.
2.  Posting pictures of kittens on Facebook posed with stuffed animals becomes a high point in your day.
(said photo earned almost 200 likes - a picture of Everett earned about 10 - what the heck friends?!)

3.  House slippers are definitely shoes.
4.  Getting dolled up means you are going to the grocery store & bank.
5.  Going down the road to your Moms still in your pjs to eat lunch is considered an appointment.
6.  Facebook is your "adult" time. 
7.  You sing cartoon theme songs in your free time.
8.  You stop to pick up turtles on the road to keep your kids entertained AKA free babysitting.
9.  Cleaning is therapeutic.
10.  You find yourself organizing closets and drawers for "fun"!

Now you share with me your list!!