I'm terrible at updating you all, but I had the most mind blowing call recently. 

Beachbody has asked me to step on the big stage at the MGM in Vegas on June 20th to share my success story!  This means getting real and vulnerable in front of roughly 8,000 fellow coaches!

If you know my story - then you know it comes with a lot of shed tears but now a ton of joy!

I'm ecstatic & scared!  Public speaking isn't my strong point & well I know without a doubt I will cry.  But I know I'm getting on this stage for a reason.  It's a total God thing & he has a message for me to share.  So pray me up for confidence, strength, and to share his message with my story!!

(the hashtag I have used since October hoping to get on this stage with my weight loss transformation - God has a funny sense of humor!!)

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