Sunday we celebrated Ollie's 2 year healthy heart anniversary in St. Louis at the Step Up for DS walk.  I can't explain how full this makes our hearts.  Jade & I laid in bed reflecting the day and we just feel so incredibly blessed to be in the DS community.

Ollie rocked her blue & yellow all day & of course a huge smile.  She LOVED the people and gave out so many hugs!

Proof of said hugs...

They seriously had a bubble truck - don't you wish you knew that was a career when you were in high school - a bus with bubbles & squealing kids - ummm yeah that's a great gig!!

One of the best moments was crossing the finish line - Ollie was given a metal by an adult woman with Down Syndrome talk about choke you up!!!

How many family members can you cram into a train?  7 in this example until said train died & they had to get out & walk!  hahaha!!

We had an awesome day & are ever thankful to our family for supporting us and joining us at these events.  We are incredibly blessed that they adore Ollie as much as we do!  <3 much="" p="" so="" them="" very="">