Well it's been another year.  I can't believe it's been 2 years since we handed over our sweet Ollie Faith in heart failure over to that team of surgeons.  I have never been so scared or prayed so hard in my life.  I prayed for God to hold her in his arms during the surgery and for a complete correction resulting in no future surgeries and for a swift recovery.

He delivered her back to us with my prayers answered.  We had a rough first day, watching your baby moan in pain that you can't fix or control is beyond difficult, but day by day she got stronger! 

Two years later she is a happy, bubbly, wild, totally typical two year old little girl that makes our hearts sing. Her journey wasn't one I would have ever asked for, but it is one I am ever thankful for.  It gave us faith, it gave us perspective, it showed us that life is never to be taken for granted and that God is good in everything that he does.

Happy Heart Day baby girl!  We love you!!

We are celebrating today at the Down Syndrome Step Up Event in St. Louis - what an awesome way to celebrate!!