I don't know why this is on my mind today but it is...

So many of us are quick to judge, quick to place blame, quick to compare.  We don't take time to get to know people.  We don't take time to understand where they are from, where they are going, and why they are the way they are.

Recently we had a fitness event & my team stood in front of the large group and shared their stories, they poured out their hearts and their testimonies on how they got fit.  It was one of the most emotional, moving, and inspiring things I have witnessed. 

After the event we left & my husband and I talked about what we just experienced.  We were blown away!  It was then we realized that everyone has a story.  Everyone has eaten their fair share of shit sandwiches in this world & still comes out a fighter.  It is only when we sit down, shut up, and listen to other people that we can truly GROW in ourselves.

I just feel incredibly fortunate to do the work that I do.  Coaching others has opened up my eyes to a world of people I would otherwise never know.  I consider myself incredibly blessed every single day to make the impact that I do on the lives of others and to share a piece of their stories.

So next time you find yourself judging, turn it inward and listen to that person with love & I can guarantee you, you will be blessed in return.

If you do not know my story, here it is...