This past weekend I flew off to Dallas/Fort Worth for a Dani Johnson training event.

It was ah-mazing!  

I got a chance to connect & hang out with other women on my team.  We seriously had so much fun together!  We learned personality types at our training & it was hilarious & eye opening to understand ourselves & each other so much more!  

We did get our workouts in & added some fun stacked planking just for the heck of it!

I had many take aways from this event, here are a few...

Personality Typing (helpful for understanding my family & clients)
How to build long lasting & influential relationships with others by adding true value to their lives
How to tackle debt in my household
And how to grow my business to build wealth for my family.

I had such a great weekend away, I was able to refuel myself to come back a better wife, Mom, & business woman!  I'm ready to make 2013 my year!

Oh and I highly recommend this training - check out Dani Johnson for details on her free trainings, events, & materials - it's truly life changing when you develop yourself!