Tomorrow is day one on a new life journey for our family.

Everett is a kid I can hardly put into words.  If you know him, you completely understand.

He is truly one of the most compassionate caring boys you will ever meet.  He loves everyone, hugs & kisses  all those in his path, shares everything he owns, and wears his heart on his sleeve.  He is the life of the party, adored by many, full of fire, always on the go, incredibly impulsive, and a wild child.  I absolutely adore him with all my heart.

He has been "busy" since he turned 2.  Since starting school this fall his impulsiveness & busy body personality has made reading difficult.  He's smart, loves math, and loves school.  But we have realized something has to change for him to thrive in school and be the best reader we know he can be, and we hate to see him struggle when we know how bright he is.  It's incredibly difficult.

I have done a lot of research, and honestly Everett fits the label of ADHD's like it was written about him.  However, it's just a label that doesn't highlight the boy he really is.  Just like Ollie Faith - I don't see her diagnosis I see her - same with Everett Mason.  You see the qualities inside of Everett can not be taught.  He is full of the character & personality that people only dream about having.  What God gifted him, others work their whole life to try and be better in that area.  He just naturally has that gift.

Medication really is not an option on our table.  I don't want to "lose" the spunk because that is what makes him so stinking great.  It's not something we are ready to dive into until we exhaust other options first.

I truly believe God sent me on my fitness journey to prepare for my son.  To fully understand the way that food nourishes our bodies, and how what we eat controls our health.  I have done amazing things in my own personal health, and I have started to apply that to my family, but I can do more, and have much more to learn.  Because of my own personal journey, I can embrace nutrition changes, before I changed myself I would have NEVER talked about dairy or gluten free - I would have thought it was ridiculous...but alas here I am now.

After much research & the help by some amazing friends & family in my fitness community, I believe Everett has a food intolerance or possibly several.  We are in the process of getting his hair & saliva tested to see exactly what foods may be triggers for him, but until those answers come back...we are going full throttle gluten & dairy free.

If you read about food intolerances & how they impact the body you will start to see what I mean.  It's truly amazing the power of food when you really learn about it.  I believe food can heal or hinder the body, and it's up to you to decide how to fuel it properly.

Within a week, two tops - we should see if this is our solution.  It's a little overwhelming, and in our rural area not a seamless transition.  Kroger forty-five minutes from home may become my best friend!  Fortunately they had an entire area dedicated to gluten free/dairy free items.  And luckily for me Everett really doesn't like dairy products to start so it's easier to pull.  I have great options for breakfasts, lunches, & snacks & honestly dinner has been gluten/dairy free without me even trying for quite some time.

I went today and filled my cart with the proper snacks or items I can bake with to get his nutrition spot on.  I have a bag of snacks for school that he gets for snack time & on special occasions so he doesn't feel left out so all our bases are covered.

Please pray for us that this is the answer we are seeking.  I know many people won't "get" my new age thinking, and that's OK.  Just please be supportive & positive on our new journey - it's not right for everyone, but it is right for us.  I honestly didn't see myself even posting a blog about this because I don't want Everett to be pointed out as "that" kid, but I believe there are other kids out there just like him, and their Moms don't know yet - and since I vowed to educate about Ollie - I will do the same with Everett.  We all need to learn right??

You would assume that after having a daughter with Down Syndrome & going through Open Heart Surgery this would be a piece of cake...compared to Ollie it is, but honestly anytime your child has a need that you can't fully figure out, it's hard.  So just pray for us that God guides us to the right answers for our family, & I know in time he will reveal that answer to us.

Thanks friends!!  And if you see Everett around town - give him a hug - he'll be sure to squeeze you right back!!

Oh and if you are a gluten/dairy free family - any helpful tips or advice is great appreciated as we learn more