I've finished week 1 of the Ultimate Reset.  Here is what's going on...

Day 1 was great.  Amazing food - eggs & toast with kale, a huge salad with cashews& homemade dressing, salmon with asparagus & potatoes, oatmeal with cinnamon & blueberries, black beans & rice with guacamole & salsa!  Day 2 was rough.  I was in full blown detox - had a headache, slight fever, body aches just felt blah but the food was great & huge portions again!

After Day 2 the rest has been smooth sailing!  I love the food!  Especially the portion sizes!!  I'm drinking a minimum of 66 ounces of water a day which I needed to do all along.  

I'm also breaking bad habits!

Last night as I prepared dinner, I reached in the cabinet to get Ollie some crackers & went to stuff one in my mouth and thought geesh - I do this all the time - eat without thinking.  And I didn't eat it, I put it back.  I ate my meal instead.  Now I wonder how many crackers, or random snacking I truly did before!!

I wake up every day ready to go full of energy!  I've been waking up before my alarm clock too!  I'm also down 3 pounds which is killer especially since no exercise is allowed on this plan!
Here is my last week & current picture - not a huge change, but I definitely have less bloating in my abdomen!

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