This past weekend Maggie, Kylie, Caroline, & Penelope moved into their new house through the woods.  In the move, Aubrie landed Maggie & Kylie's old bedroom - it's huge!

She couldn't be more thrilled!

Everett goes on and on and on every time he comes down about how beautiful it is, how much work I put into it for Aubrie, and then tries to sleep with Aubrie.

Every time she gets so mad that he's in her room & kicks him out.  She proceeded to make a sign that says "No Boys Allowed.  An image of a boy crossed out, with a small footnote - Dad Yes!"  Hilarious!

It's a work in progress, but overall I'm pretty pleased with the look!  It seems so grown up like a Tween - how did that happen?  She's only 7!

My next job is to paint the dresser I think pink her favorite color.  I know people are out there cringing, but as always - I don't like wood - so it's getting painted!

Stay tuned - the other bedroom is becoming a fitness room & Everett's room is *almost* done!