I'm doing a challenge right now for 30 days based on Chalene Johnson's book PUSH.
It is fabulous & I highly recommend it to anyone!  Her challenge helps you focus on your life & design the life you have always wanted.  So many of us set goals in life that do not align with our priorities.  Meaning we possibly set a goal to land a promotion at work that requires more travel & hours but our priority in life is our family & spending more time at home present with them - just an example.
If you know her story at all you can see that she has designed a beautiful life for her family.  She built a successful fitness company, she is a celebrity trainer with Beachbody, and her family is her number one focus - if anything takes away from time with them she would be very quick to say thanks but no thanks!
She inspired me to lose my weight & now she inspires me to focus on what I want out of life.  I invest 30 days in her bootcamp with daily videos, tips, & tricks and I come out of her bootcamp with a bigger vision & focus for my life.  Oh yeah and it's free!!  Come on - really - you'd be a fool not to join!!
So far I have been loving it.  My 3 priorities in life are crystal clear to me - Family first, Financial Security, then helping others.  Faith is natural so it doesn't have to even be on the list because it is part of me.
I have wrote mission statements on how I want my relationships to be with my children & Jade.  I have very high financial goals for my home business - I want to live a life of freedom.  I worry about Ollie's future, her health, and especially her care especially if Jade & I aren't around.  I have lots of family that would love & adore her, but in reality her care sometimes isn't cheap.  I would love to know that I have it taken care of financially.  That she is forever cared for.  So I am pushing hard in my business for that reason.  At the same time I have to keep my family priority in line & set work hours so when Jade or my kids are around - I am not working.  I've just completed 2 days and it's already an eye opener!  Thank you Chalene!  I adore you woman!!