Well today is the day I start my 21 day cleanse again!
Most people would cringe at the word cleanse - but I'm pretty stoked!!  It's a whole foods cleanse where I go vegan for most of the 21 days, and no exercise the entire time! 
I get to eat the foods in this image - yum!
I have huge portions of whole foods & tons of water!

The last time I did the Ultimate Reset I lost 7 pounds, I woke up at 5 AM refreshed & ready to go for the day which is totally unlike me, and I just overall felt amazing!!  I'm really looking forward to my results this time around & may stick to a vegetarian lifestyle post cleanse!!  I'm also working on getting an appointment for bloodwork so I can know the changes in my cholesterol & blood sugars too!
If you are wondering why...
Well think about the food in your pantry & your fridge - almost all of it is full of preservatives and all kinds of chemicals.  They just build up in your body overtime & I want to get rid of them!  I truly believe many of our health issues are related to the food we eat and our lack of physical activity - so I will reset at least 2x a year from now on for this reason.  And eating only whole foods, mostly organic, is a great way to do it!
Wish me luck & if you want to join me - email me areid54@yahoo.com for deets!

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