Truth - I haven't blogged in an eternity.  Ya, ya I know - but I have 3 kids and a fitness business so I'm busy.

So what's going on? 

The three bigs have went to school.  Aubrie is in first grade & Everett started kindergarten.

I don't hardly know what to do with myself with only one little one at home.  She keeps me busy with her therapies and rip shagging of the house though so no worries - my day is full!

So I thought I'd share our best school story yet...

The 4th day of school mind you - at 3:45 the kids get off the bus.  I make them snacks, we talk about their day, and do homework.  So Everett comes in and I'm making snacks & asking about his day.  He finally says, hey Mom where is Aubrie??

I'm like what do you mean, isn't she outside playing with the cats.  He says NO.  What do you mean???  Wasn't she on the bus with you, and again NO.

I start freaking out.  Run outside & start yelling.  Aubrie come out right now, this isn't funny.  If you are hiding you had better get your booty to the house now.  No Aubrie.

What???  How?  I immediately call the school - no answer because they are closed.  Shiznit!!!  So I call a friend that is friends with the teacher & get the teachers cell #.  I ask her if Aubrie got on the bus because she's MIA.  Yes she was in the bus line.  So at this point we are guessing she's on the wrong bus & she starts calling the bus barn.

Jade & my friend race to the school just in case.  I load Ollie & Everett into the van & race down the drive - to then stop and realize I can't leave - what if she shows up at home and where am I going???

Finally after about 40 minutes they located her - on the wrong bus!!  She got home at 5 (school is out at 3).  She bawled & bawled because she was so scared. 

I asked her - Aubrie what were you doing, what bus # do you ride??  She says bus 11 but I got on bus 6.  I'll never understand why or how she did it but she'll never do it again.

After much bawling we look over and realize that Everett during cutting/pasting time managed to cut 3 holes in his new shirt - which made us all laugh hysterically.  Apparently someone was "bless youing" and it distracted him enough to cut his shirt.  It made Aubrie's bad day some what better.  Talk about kicking the school year off right!

Oh and check out this video of little miss!  She's 18 months old and starting to walk with a push toy - gosh she makes me proud!!