I haven't posted in awhile about me.  A year ago in July Ollie was healthy, but I was not.  I was overweight.  I wore a size 14.  We were beyond broke.  Life was not easy.  And I had poured all of me into being a great mommy.  I realized it was time to take a little back for me.  I feel like God again blessed us with an amazing opportunity for me to continue staying home, to have extra income, and to get our entire family healthy! 

It was Beachbody.   It was a life altering lifestyle change!  I needed it!  I worked on me diligently.  I sweat, measured, weighed, cheered, jumped, ached but I got there!  35 lbs lighter I now wear a size 4.

But even better I found my niche!  I'm an entrepreneur.   I'm my own CEO.  And I get paid to help people do what I did.  It blows my mind!  I make half my old fulltime income.  I work a little each day.  I build friendships.  I pray for people.  I encourage and build them up.  I hold them accountable.  For all this, which is my personality anyway, I get rewarded!  I'm on my 4th vacation this year...insane!!  And paid for by Beachbody...even better!  Im ten toes up by the pool now!

I got Annie back.  Im a better wife, happier Mom, healthier friend now.  I feel fulfilled!!!  I just wanted to share this today because as Moms we pour ourselves out out out but do we take time to fill our own cup?  Usually not so find what makes you,  you!  Embrace the hell out of it!

And if you need help email me housethatjadebuilt@gmail.com or facebook.com/areid1982 -  I want to help you, let me!