Everett is growing up fast.  He started T-ball this year and bats left - don't know how in the crap that one happened, but it did.  Actually, it came from Pa Stuart - so if he takes anymore after his Pa we have reason to be concerned!  When he's not batting he's busy digging in the sand.

Tonight he graduates preschool.  I don't know how he got to be so old but he did.  He's headed to Kindergarten this fall.  Please start praying in advance for maturity out of him & for his teacher.  Haha - I wish I was kidding but I'm not!

Today is the last day of school so Aubrie Grace just wrapped up Kindergarten & clearly thinks she is too big for her own britches.

I can't believe I'll have a 1st grader & a Kindergartner - seems easy now, but when it's the Junior & Senior years of high school I'm sure I'll be thinking what were we thinking on the timing!

Ollie Faith is living life.  She's been healthy lately & growing big.  She waves & says bye bye now & can push up from her belly into sitting.  These are huge skills.  We have worked on this stuff for months & I can't put into words how rewarding it is to see them come to life out of her. 

Her hair is also so long it fits in piggy tails now!  Tell me this isn't the bomb diggity in cute because you know it is!

On Thursday she's scheduled to finally get her ear tube surgery done in St. Louis.  She was schedule since February but was sick every month so it was canceled.  Please say a prayer that we can keep her healthy until Thursday morning & that everything goes smoothly.  It's a very minor surgery compared to her last, but it's still surgery and I'm a tad bit nervous about it.

Thanks friends!