Who here likes a challenge?

Do you like to be dared?

I know you do.

So here it is.

Have you seen people planking before?  It was all over - random pictures of people planking.  Google it if you don't believe me.  Google holds all the answers & will show you what I mean.

Well game changer folks - the new challenge - the crow.

Our entire Beachbody family - Team IMPACT - is crowing & I mean really crowing it up!  They are crowing on car hoods, stone ledges, balconies, even balancing on bowling pins, free weights, and medicine balls - we are just the daring folks.

So do it.  Post it on facebook, instagram, tweet it, blog it...

after all I triple dog dare ya!

PS - I was crowing in Jade's surveying office - notice how I threw down my purse and struck a pose.  Your turn now :)