It’s apparent when you walk in the front door that I am a collector.  If it’s old & thrown out by someone else, chances are this girl digs it.

One of my favorite things – color!  I don’t do neutral well.  I like bold, bright, color.  It makes me happy.  It’s not for everyone, but it’s for me.


Chippy paint – if it’s old original paint I swoon.  See this pink dresser – killer right – $40 score!  You can’t afford not to buy at that price.  Ah-mazing!


Industrial items – if some old man used it on a farm or in a shop – I dig on it.  Rusty metal oooo la la baby!


*Oh and see those little glass boxes - perfect to hold keepsakes of your kids - Ev's old pacifier, Aubrie's first pair of glasses, and Ollie's medical bracelet & Lasix syringe.

When I find things I love, I collect them.  I can’t just have one – no I need an odd number – and at least 5.  Hoarder – kind of.


Metallic paint - well any kind of bling I'm a humming bird -  We call this dresser the tin man.  This is my bedroom dresser.  One coat of spray paint – and trust me it’s fabulous.  $85 at an auction – sturdy, old, solid – piece of American sweetness right here baby.


Original artwork by my sister Abbie.  Yes - my family as googly heads - Love!


A funny man - he's in our bedroom and he's giant - like 3' tall.


A giant framed plunger for the shitter room - pardon my french - I had to do it.


Matching paintings for above the toilet plus an old teeny tiny sink plunger - yep baby!  That's how we roll & no it's not a used plunger!


So if you run into a pile of junk and you are local - I'm the girl to call - between my sisters & my Mom we will most likely find a way to turn that trash into treasure!

Annie Reid