Have you ever looked out your window, not once but twice & said "What the H-E-double toothpicks (as my Mom likes to say)"

For Easter my gracious (I'm being nice here) parents delivered 3 rabbits to my kids.  AKA to me to take care of right - ya you are with me.

They were ecstatic - can you tell?

They quickly named the rabbits the best names possible - Roger, Kevin, and Max.

Approximately 30 minutes after the rabbits arrived I was changing Ollie's diaper (her changing table is in front of her window) & I look up to see a white rabbit topping 60 mph, chased by two kids pumping their arms up to their noses, and Trudie the pug huffing behind them, topped off with frantic screaming.

Fortunately Jade is the cattleman that he is and the kids herded Max directly into Jade's hands & he saved the day.  He could have worn a cape & mask that day - the kids thought he was such a hero!

*And no we didn't keep the rabbit cage smack dab in the front yard.  It's now moved to the side of the house under a large shade tree.

After emergency 101, I walked in my bedroom this week & saw Roger running free on top of the cages.  I was yelling for help when swift footed Maggie saved the day by running outside & catching him before he darted into the huge vast woods a mere 10' away.  Can you imagine living the life of a rabbit - seriously caged up 10' from the woods.  Rough life huh?!?

Anyway, the culprit in every situation...Everett Mason.

The cages are now properly wired shut & Everett Mason has received a speech on more than one account from his big sister on the proper cage shutting etiquette. 

God help me, and the rabbits.

Oh and for those of you wondering, yes pay back is a bitch.  Stuart & Janie Fox may be receiving a pony for Father's Day - but you didn't hear that from me.