We have arrived.


Better late than never.

Life is dare I say "normal" again.  It's hardly typical for others but for us it's a new sweet normal.

Our world doesn't revolve around doctor appointments, tears, worry, stress, needles, pulse ox levels, colds, GERMS!!

100_5660 (2)

I'm able to attend Aubrie & Everett's t-ball games without cringing when someone with unwashed hands heads our way.

I can put Ollie down in the grass at the park.

We can go to chuch, eat out at resteraunts.  I can hand her over to someone that doesn't have antibacterial cleaner attached to their hip.  When someone sneezes I don't think are they sick.  She gets to be charming her, and let me tell you people dig Ollie Faith hard core!

I can breathe again.  I feel like me.  I'm no longer focused on the what ifs of Down Syndrome.  In fact I don't use the word Down syndrome multiple times a day - and probably several days I don't use it at all!

We can relax & enjoy God's blessings!  I'm busy but we're doing what is us.  Family, friends, junk trips, decorating, blogging, just normal.


I am thrilled - I feel like me - a new better me.  A me with fresh eyes for the beauty in life.  A me that can slow down and appreciate the three blessings I have.  An exceptional life that I'm not taking for granted.  A life with big dreams & even bigger thankfulness for all that we have!

I hope you are happy I'm back to blog world.  Now that I'm regularly blogging I have SO much to tell you - buckle your seatbelts - it's time for a wild ride with the Reids!

~Annie Reid

PS - you MUST check out the sweet chub rolls on Ollie's arms.  We have worked HARD for girlfriend to gain weight - and clearly it is no longer an issue :)