There are some things in life that just is Jade to a T.

Mowing is one of them. 

He is Captain Manicured Lawn.  Graduate of Golf Course Academy 401.  President and CEO of Wind Rows Aren't Cool.  Lawn Lover Extraordinaire.

His blood may just be green.


He has always, and I mean always dreamed of a big time mower.  This year he found his dream mower, and I told him no.  I told him not this year that we needed to wait.  We kept getting fliers from the mower store & he'd fall in love all over again over the little sales flier.  I stuck to my guns, no we can't afford it right now.

Then, I put a plan into place.  You see I normally couldn't have done this, but now that I'm a Beachbody coach - I can afford it!  The fact that Beachbody has opened new doors for me to do things like this for my love - priceless.

So I setup everything on my own.  Maggie & Kylie split it with me since they  have a football field lawn too.  Then I had Dad take in our old mower and make the trade & pick up the new mower.

I called Jade at work in a faked panic.  I told him the tub faucet had just fallen off & that a jet of water was spraying water like mad all over the bathroom.  You could tell he was shitting himself over the thought.  He told me how to shut off the water for the whole house & rushed home from work.

He couldn't believe it.  He slapped on his perma-grin & took the new ride for a few passes on the lawn - and that baby mows like a stinking go cart - FAST!

He's still thrilled & so am I that I pulled of such a big surprise for the man that does so very much for me!

~Annie Reid