When Aubrie was 2 1/2 I brought home a kitten to her. 

This kitten was COVERED in fleas and just in terrible shape.  So I gave him a bath, fed him, cleaned him up, and named in Carl.

Within 2 days, Carl was on his death bed.  He was seriously a hot mess & yes he died & no one wants to know that story...  So we told Aubrie what any parent would - he went to live in the woods.

Yes - we lie to our kids.  Who doesn't?

Aubrie has never, ever, forgotten about Carl.  Her memory is like a steel trap.

This spring a yellow and white cat started prowling around our house because my Dad gave us, yes that's right, count it 3 cats in addition to our other 2 - so we have 5 outdoor cats!  Ruby (conveniently named by my kids the same as my mother in law) is not fixed.  So this man cat is in the market for a hot new feline.

And surprise - magically the kids think Carl has resurfaced from the woods.  Aubrie is thrilled & the lie remains intact.

So - if anyone wants some kittens this spring - this chick will probably have some from Carl, who has also been spotted on this seasons series of The Survivor - ha!