This past week was a whirl wind of amazing!  I used just about every adjective I could use to describe this paradise.  If you know me at all - I love adjectives and I just couldn't find enough good ones to use about this place!

I was given a huge opportunity to go to Atlantis in the Bahamas with my coach and now good friend, the fabulous Lauren Knight.  Beachbody is an awesome company & trust me they did it big in the Bahamas!

I finally got to meet Kristin another kick ass coach on our team & one of my partners in crime as well as many others from our fabulous team.

And I hung by the pool alot with some other amazing women & Turbo lovers.  It was a blast.  Really the word blast doesn't even sum it up!!  I'm still recovering from all the fun I had!

The views & beaches were spectacular!

I have a huge new vision for my future after hanging around with the best of the biz.  I'm going to change some lives & get as many people fit & healthy as I can.  So if you are interested hit me up.  If you aren't interested I'm still going to be asking you to join me because I care about you and I know how I feel 30 pounds lighter in my skin.

 And yes I missed my babies and husband like mad & I'm so happy to be back home hugging on their sweet faces!

Lastly a huge THANK YOU to Lauren Knight for the tremendous ways you have impacted my life.  You have single handedly changed my health which is priceless, you have became a wonderful friend, and you have showed me a future much bigger vision than I had ever dreamed before!  Love you girl!