Today I am grateful for all I have...

That I have a home & beautiful land
That the robins are out today
That today was PJ day for Aubrie's school so we had one less thing to do before school
That my kids are so smart & love to learn & fight over who gets to learn with computer games
That Ollie gets in home therapy 2-4 times a week depending on the week
That I am surrounded by positive, loving people
That my sister lives in my basement & my other sister lives 5 minutes away
That my parents live down the road & Jade's do too
That our parents are so involved with our children
That Dad raises beef cattle
that my cell phone takes pictures because I always forget my camera - sorry the pics are always blurry here!
That I took control of my health
That anytime I want to laugh I have good friends to help me out
That Jade & I have time together when the kids go to bed
That we get upset if one of us watches "our" shows without the other because we like that time so much
That I'm kicking Jade's butt in Word Wars!
That we were able to visit Disney with our kids
That Ollie's heart has ZERO holes!!!!!!
That Aubrie can wear glasses that help her see
That Everett has teachers that love him for through all his wild-ness
That my community is awesome
for a recent Moms night out with friends
my church - every piece of it
That spring is around the corner
that I was invited to go to Atlantis in the Bahamas with a friend and Jade's letting me go
that I was able to nurse Ollie for a year when I was told she wouldn't nurse - suck that naysayer nurse
that I was able to wean her without much of a fight from her
that I have art projects from Aubrie, Everett, Caroline, and Ollie on the fridge
that Cline Daniel is starting to like me better - especially in the mornings - she's not a morning person
Penelope Jane thinks I'm funny and I think she's funny too!
That I like jeggings now
That I get to stay home every day & I can wear my pjs or get dressed & it doesn't matter
that the in home therapists don't look at me weird when I do have clothes & make up on
that Jade doesn't care that I rarely fix up now
That I have a Mom that is a best friend & a Dad that is full of wisdom, and jokes
That I can see Maggie's house popping up in the woods next door - talk about dream neighbors right
That I have a handsome husband that works so hard for everything we have, men like him are truly rare
that I have a blog that people read and enjoy - I have went from decorating, to family, to Down Syndrome, to serious issues on my heart & you all read and support me - love to you all - I'm thankful for you too!