Well our prayers were heard & we had an awesome day!

Ollie is growing & developing very well!  They were pleased with how verbal she is & loved her flirty personality!!  

As far as her cardio appointment, I cried happy tears!  In August we knew she still had a small hole (VSD) in her ventricle by her patch.  It wasn't much of a concern but it was there.  Yesterday it was gone!  The hole has grown shut - praise the good lord!  Her valves have mild leakage & he said it is unlikely she will need a future surgery, however he can never say never - but I sure as heck love the word unlikely!  We don't revist him until another year ticks by!

Her ENT appointment went as we expected.  She does have fluid in her ears & ear tubes will be placed March 8th.  We are happy about that and hope it cuts down on the colds & ER trips she has in the future.  

The rough moments in the day were the blood draw & the ear check.  I hate stuff like that for her.  During the ear check they swaddled her and held her down & cleaned the wax out of her ears then examined them - they are just so small there is no other way.  She has now created a new defense mechanism similar to an octopus.  In a fit of rage I heard her belly rumbling & she crapped 'em clear out of her diaper & all over their table.  That's right - she showed them who was boss!