OK so last night I got an email after Ollie's party that Ollie's pictures have been taken from my blog and are being used on a website called Orkut.

From what I can tell and the little I learned on google it's a social networking site mainly in India & Brazil and a lot like Facebook.  They have used Ollie's pictures as their profile pictures.

I'm not sure that it's to be mean, but maybe a weird fascination with Down Syndrome or that let's face it's she is a very cute kid.  None the less - I need as many people to report it as possible to get it down.  Please help me.  And yes you must create an account before you can see these websites.

Yes, if I could find them I would beat the tar out of them, but alas I can't.

And I thought a lot about this last night.  Jade wanted me to shut down my blog because this is where they found my photos.  I just don't feel I can and here is why.

I truly believe the devil doesn't like the joy that kids like Ollie Faith bring to this world.

My blog advocates & educates people about Down Syndrome.  I'm trying to rid the world of ignorance when it comes to raising a child with a disability.  I'm trying to save lives, perhaps some Mom considering abortion will see my blog & choose life for her child - whether she keeps the baby or chooses adoption - it's still life.  I'm making a big impact on a lot of people & that gets the devil fighting mad.  He hates the fact that she has given people faith and hope.  He hates that perhaps someone found God because of her life.  He probably hates her.

But you know what, the devil can suck it.  Because I'm not stopping for him.