How would you feel if babies with brown eyes were an issue.  If brown eyes meant those babies had more health issues.  If brown eyes meant those babies could possibly cost more government dollars because their medical issues.  How would you feel if the government mandated that there be a blood test on expectant mothers to see if their babies had brown eyes.  What if the abortion rate was 90% for babies with brown eyes & a vast majority of doctors lacked up to date knowledge or had outdated pre-conceived notions of what it meant to raise a baby with brown eyes.  What if you had one of those doctors that gave you old information & pushed termination?  How would you feel?

Seriously how would it make you feel?

It seems outrageous & like a yeah right made up conversation.  Do you think that wouldn't happen and that I made up some type of what if situation?  But - this IS happening.  This IS real life, but in the world of Down Syndrome.  They are going to government mandate the new blood test for Down Syndrome - why because the new test gives an absolute yes/no answer early in the pregnancy & quite frankly it is a test that they can test for.  The abortion rate is already 90% - where will it be soon?  Some countries are pushing for Down Syndrome to be eliminated by the year 2030 - think that over long and hard - can Down Syndrome be eliminated?  The answer is no, it can be aborted 100% of the time, but it can not be eliminated from happening.

They are calling this test & this mandate a preventative measure.  However, Down Syndrome CAN NOT be prevented.  Mammograms can provide early detection & prevention of breast cancer deaths, yet they are NOT included in this mandate - I find this offensive - do you?

THIS is no different then Hitler.  THIS is eugenics.

Don't get me wrong - Jade & I did an AFP test because we wanted to be informed & we had great doctors...but not everyone does.  We knew what Down syndrome was - not everyone does.  Where is the mandate for up to date information & counseling?

Seriously people - what is next?  Down Syndrome is easy picking because who advocates for them but their parents!  Put it into perspective - what if they start mandate testing for diabetes, breast cancer, autism.  What if Down Syndrome is eradicated?  It's not right!  And if I sound passionate about it, by golly I am - I'm rather pissed today about this topic - it's outrageous what the government can mandate! 

So I ask you to educate yourself here - know what is going on - be the change & share, share, share!