OK if you are a Mom like me, I highly doubt you take much time doing anything for yourself, and when you do you have that creeping Mom guilt.

You know - you go out to dinner with a friend and feel guilty the entire time that you aren't doing something with your kids.  We all do it.  

Well what are you doing for yourself lately?  I mean seriously are you investing into you?  Because it makes us better moms, wives, friends, women if we take time for ourselves.

People ask me all the time how I have the energy and time to exercise.  It's honestly the one thing I do for myself every day.  Being a stay at home Mom sounds like I have all the time in the world - wrongo!  Have you ever watched 3 kids during the day that are 6 and under and add to that two kiddos in the basement that are running around some days too?  The house is a perpetual tornado.  I do laundry & cleaning constantly.  I'm changing diapers, wiping butts, making food, cleaning up food, rocking babies, stopping fights, helping them with their crafts or games.  Don't get me wrong - I LOVE it!  It's the perfect job for me, but free time - yeah right.  I can't even pee without someone watching me!

So I exercise every day, just for ME.  Not for Jade, not for the kids, for ME.  I put on a movie for the bigs, Ollie plays in her exersaucer & I sweat it out.  Yes, I get interrupted, but at least I get it done.  I feel unbelievably better, I have more energy, I'm proud of myself, I'm comfortable in my own skin, I burn off frustration, I'm happier.  The list goes on and on the benefits I am having.  Plus, I'm healthy for once.  I'm no longer overweight.  My knees don't ache, my back doesn't ache, I'm not exhausted after I just wake up.  

So yeah maybe time is short for you, but how are you spending your time?  Do you blow 30 minutes on Facebook, on blogs, an hour watching Grey's anatomy or your favorite shows?  I'm betting yes because I did.  So I urge you to take time for yourself today.  If you need a push - contact me!  I would LOVE to help!!  I'm a FREE Beachbody fitness coach because it changed my life & I LOVE to help others take control of their health too!  It may take a small investment, but aren't you worth it really??

This WAS me!  Size 14 - now I'm a size 6 - BOOM!  Gotta love me some Beachbody baby!!  And if I can do it, so can you - ANYONE can do this!  Beachbody offers so many programs from beginners to advanced & I can help you find the right one for you.  So reach out to me and join one of my small fitness groups to gain support!  Where else do you have a team of friends pushing you toward your goals and cheering you on?  Nowhere else but Team Beachbody! 

Nutrition + Support + Fitness = SUCCESS!!