Today we hit up Animal Kingdom.

It was a great time!

I took the kids on the ride Dinosaur right off the bat - they both declared they did not like it and would not ride it again.  It was too scary!  Ha!

Everett refused to be in most pictures so enjoy the Aubrie show!

He was mad that we wouldn't pay for him to play all the carnival games so we let him "play" - he thought it was fun for some reason.

Aubrie also took the crazy roller coaster ride up the mountain behind them - it was crazy fun!  She also did not like it.

They couldn't resist the drums!

The bird show was a huge hit!

Jade & I brought in our own Great Horned Owl - she was cuter than their owl.

Then it started to rain and they canceled the parade - boo!

But we made the most of it and went to the Lion King show & Everett & Aubrie were asked to participate. Aubrie was too shy and said no - Everett was all in!

We wrapped up the day at the Rainforest Cafe - Everett's posing kills me!

Tiny was worn out from a long day & slept all through dinner.

Mega drink - yes I think so!

Jade & I are looking forward to an "easy" day tomorrow!  Breakfast with Mickey & Minnie and some Downtown Disney!