Do you ever have moments in life where you are just so stinking proud of your kids it brings you to tears?

I had that moment last week and with Ollie's ER trip & sickness I didn't have time to blog about it.  I did acknowledge Aubrie for her greatness, but not publicly.

Wednesday night before the ER, we had parent teacher conferences.  I knew Aubrie's would go well.  She's that over-achiever, loves school and learning, teacher's pet kind of girl.

As we are sitting with her teacher, she tells us about this Dimes for Down Syndrome fundraiser they were doing at school for an older student.  I knew about it and sent money with Aubrie, but that is all I heard.

What I didn't hear is that Aubrie was given the chance to talk to her classmates about Down Syndrome.  She stood in front of the classroom, in front of her peers, and proudly told them all about Down Syndrome and how special her little sister was, and how lucky we were to have a baby with Down Syndrome.

And right then in that tiny little chair I had big crocodile tears in my eyes.  I'm just so proud of the big girl I have raised.  She has a heart of gold and I just love her to death for it.

On a different note - school has just exploded what she's doing!  I am amazed!  She's writing sentences - real sentences!  She can tell time by the hour, count pennies, write all her letters upper & lower case & numbers & count much higher than she could before!  It's just awesome!  The highlight of her day every day is still lunch - bizarre I know - she is a hot lunch girl - I totally expected art or music - but nope something about those lunch trays just makes her day!