Yesterday Miss O started to get a cold, nothing more than a barely runny nose.  No fever, no cough, nothing.

At midnight she could barely breath & was coughing like a seal.  I knew she had croup.  It was scary.

I tried a breathing treatment, I took her outside in the cold air - nothing helped.  So Jade & I took off to Effingham to the ER.  It's nights like that when I am so so thankful that Maggie lives in the basement because we didn't have to wait on someone to show up to watch the bigs - they were already in good hands.

We got to the ER and they were awesome.  They immediately took us back, did a quick eval & started a different type of medication for her breathing treatment.  She immediately started to sound a whole lot better.  They gave her a steroid shot & did some xrays for precaution & two hours later she was good to go!

After all this heart business, I would think I'd be a more calm Mommy, but when your baby can't get a good breath - you panic & I did & I prayed like I always do.

Today she goes to her pediatrician.  Fortunately we already had an appointment scheduled for today for her 9 month well baby checkup - can you believe she's 9 months old!?!  So he will check her out and make sure we are good to go!

I have a feeling it's going to be a long winter for our family!