OK raise your hand if you are this flexible?

Yeah - I didn't think so!

Baby girl is starting a fight in our house...Aubrie loves turquoise, Everett loves turquoise, and now Ollie Faith loves turquoise - Grandma Janie we need more turquoise everything before a slap fight breaks out.

This polar bear is her arch enemy - he plagues her dreams with his taunting ways - she will catch him - she will...the best method...strong arm him down!  Atta girl!

Mom - have you vacuumed recently?  You may want to...

Carpet licking - I think it's going to take off as a new trend - kind of like planking...you want to try it with me - gives your tongue a new texture - it's called fuzz.

Mom, why won't he get in my mouth?  Seriously I'm sick of licking his backside.

See my two new teeth - they have three sharp bumps per tooth - perfect for biting Everett one day.

Oh Mom you are hilarious, I mean it I seriously can't stop laughing...oh my gosh Mom stop - stop being so funny!