Ollie has taught me...

That God sees perfection in every creation
That God never makes a mistake
That often the best gifts in life are those never asked for
That I have more faith than I ever dreamed I did
That I am stronger and tougher than most men I know
That to reach your dreams, you have to work hard for them
That exercising daily, pays off big when it comes to gross motor skills
That one smile can light up a room
That she can do anything she sets her mind to
That people will love and adore her & they already do
That Down Syndrome is a diagnosis - that's all it is
That she is so much more than that diagnosis
That she has value
That she has worth
That she is special
That she adds sparkles and rainbows to an otherwise black & white world
That we are all different but that we are all the same
That life without her just wouldn't be the same
That God loves me so much he let me be her mama
That my children will be better because of their baby sister

I asked my friends on Facebook what they have learned from Ollie, this is what they said:

-I have taken the r word out of my vocabulary. It was one I used with out trying to be malicious, but after following your story decided to change that habit.

- me too! i no longer say that word.

-She has shown me how much progress there has been made in 30 years as far as public knowledge and hope in the future.

-I thought that DS was a bad thing but now I know that it can be a blessing. It made your whole family a stronger unit & has made you a stay at home mom which is where your heart was all along. God is always teaching us lessons. Glad I got to be a witness to it!

-To beleve in myself more. I know I sell myself short or make excuses and I love you letting me know all the awesome things she has done and gone through while keeping such a positive attitude.

Now I ask you, what have you learned from my sweet pea or through Down Syndrome awareness month?