I truly love my husband & he gets my weird sense of humor.

Some nights we lay in bed cracking up.

Ollie Faith sometimes has rough nights.  She sleeps and then gets up for 2-3 hours randomly here and there just to flirt and watch prime time TV with me.

It sucks, even though her smile is delicious.

Sometimes at 5 AM when I can't take it any longer I lay her in bed with us.

Just recently I realized it was a problem.  You see when Aubrie slept with us we couldn't get her out until she was 2 & even after that she'd sneak in at night a lot.  She was famous for putting her feet in the back of your under pants.  It was never a good night of sleep with Aubrie Grace in the bed.

Well, the other night I realized oh shoot, what if we teach Ollie this bad habit.

I told Jade, we have got to keep her in her own bed, or we could quite literally one day have a 40 year old sleeping in bed with us, with her feet in our under pants.

Then we laughed hysterically.

Yes, most people would cringe at the thought of their 40 year old daughter living at home & possibly in their bed.  We choose to laugh hysterically at this new life that we own.