I'm doing a November fitness challenge.  If you want to make a lifestyle change please email me at housethatjadebuilt@gmail.com.

I'm taking the first 5 people to commit.  If I have learned anything through Ollie it is that you can't buy health.  You get one shot at it!  I am getting my body back & changing my lifestyle so that I am able to play with my kids and be around a long time.  My goal is to teach them the importance of healthy eating and exercise too.

When I committed to doing this same challenge in late June - I was 157 pounds and 5'4".  Today I'm 135 pounds.  I have lost 22 pounds and I'm not kidding you the changes in how I physically feel are amazing.  No more knee pain, I'm not tired when I wake up, I can enjoy my kids without bending over to catch a breath.  I also am wearing jeans I like which is an added self confidence boost!  It's not about the size and weight for me, but how I feel & I am so thankful I committed and followed through!

So what does this entail?  It's simple really.  You pick a program from above (we have high or low intensity programs).  In a bundle you get the program, 30 days of Shakeology (my biggest tool to cut cravings & boost energy), and a 30 day club membership (meal plans & recipes for your entire family & kids will eat this - it's normal food & teaches you how to cook healthy!!)

When you commit - I add you to an accountability group of other peope just like you.  It's a private group & we communicate daily - we motivate, support, share struggles, and share success.  You don't do it alone - you have a team of friends doing it with you & I promise you this accountability motivates you to actually do it - not buy workout dvds that sit with dust on them, but you push play daily & I promise you get real results!

So please stop wishing you could lose weight & join me & we will do it together!

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