hearing your babies heart beat strong & healthy for the first time post open heart surgery

babies in the morning - they are always happy
hugs & kisses when the big kids get home from school

how Aubrie sings to Ollie Faith when she gets upset - You are my sunshine, my only sunshine

how Everett plays in her face, which typically would annoy a person, but how Ollie Faith laughs hysterical at him because she loves him

Jade & Ollie snuggling on the couch at night

Aubrie & Everett getting a long and saying they are best friends

Aubrie and Caroline coloring kitties at the kitchen table for hours, they are two peas in a pod

Ollie and Penelope playing together on the floor mat, working their hardest to get the toy chicken into one of their mouths - the definition of teamwork

the fall colors in the trees - our woods are gorgeous right now

all the new friends I have made through the Down Syndrome community - beautiful kiddos - beautiful famlies

realizing that God's plans are bigger and better than any plan you can ever dream up for yourself