(OK I know it's not 4 letters, but might as well be)

What does that mean?

Well in the past it was used to describe a medical condition where a person had delayed learning - mental retardation - and honestly we all know what it means.

However, society has twisted the word, we have used it so much to basically call someone:  ridiculous, stupid, moronic, idiotic.  We've said, why did I do that I'm such a retard, can you believe so and so did that - what a retard, my phone isn't working it's being retarded...and the list goes on and on

I did it in the past.  Totally guilty.

However, I am now educated that retarded is a hate word.  Once you are in the special needs community when you hear the word retarded, it just stabs you in the chest & makes your eyes water.

When people I love use the word I cringe a little bit, and I know they do too once they realize they said it around me.


Am I being sensitive?  No not really.  Because you see, my sweet Ollie isn't ridiculous.  She isn't stupid.  She isn't a moron. 

The medical community has now replaced the word mental retardation with cognitively delayed.  Yes, it means the same thing medically, but it doesn't have the negative spin on it that we have created.

So I ask you to please go here & sign the pledge.  For Ollie Faith and so many others, be aware of what you say because words really do hurt.  And when you are an adult you are responsible for your actions & what you teach your children.  Remove this word from your vocabulary.  Make an impact on your children that the R word is not acceptable at any time.

Spread the word to end the word!