Do you ever see something & want one bad?

Well I saw this giant red metal cog on HGTV and had a fit over it.  Thankfully, Maggie heard me and she listened.  This weekend Mom, Abbie, Maggie, & our friend Darby went to 3rd Sunday Market - I stayed home.  Mom wanted to buy me a gift since I stayed home.

Maggie looked all day for a cog for me.  Then she spotted it, a table where the top was a highly varnished wooden cog.  It was seriously ugly in its current state.

The guy said he wanted $20 for it - SOLD!

I was stoked!

I sanded the varnish off where I could, primed it, painted it layers of colors, and sanded it a ton.

Oh yes - I am in LOVE with my giant cog!

I realized I haven't blogged my house in months - probably close to a year even!  Life has changed, but for those of you that were here to crush on my home - it's still evolving - I just like to take pictures of the babes instead & they are funnier. 

Example - tonight Everett asked Maggie to show him her belly.  She did and then he asked if her pee pee was inside or outside.  After MUCH confusion - we realized he meant the word belly button - not pee pee - makes a lot more sense with the proper word!

Please remember to keep Mason in your prayers - OHS tomorrow.