Saturday we attended our first Down Syndrome event.  It was a Walk In The Park in St. Louis.  They had a big pep rally (which we missed thanks to a parade closing roads down town - stink!).  Then, we got to walk around the field & attend the game.

As we walked up, I saw a beautiful baby boy a little older than Ollie with Down Syndrome.  Thankfully, I was wearing sunglasses because I teared up several times this day.

I can't put into words what it was like to be around so many people that got our lives.  That saw the sparkle in Ollie's eyes.  That knew how lucky we were to have her & her extra chromosome.  I know they get us because I get them now & seeing so many kids & adults with Down Syndrome was like a breath of fresh air - just awesome to be a part of it all!

Jade was just on cloud 9 walking the field.  He's a huge Cardinals fan so it just blew his mind that his feet touched the field pre-game.

Even the kids grabbed a quick photo.

They were loving it too.

Why yes, meet Ollie's chin - she slept the entire way around the track.

No it doesn't look comfortable, but apparently it's very comfortable because she pulled this nap off for a good hour.  Even a boy with Down Syndrome came up and kissed her and she slept through it.

Geez I just love that chin & those cheeks.

At home plate Jade was snapping photos - I was dropping a 4x6 photo of Miss O into an appreciation box for Albert Pujols and his wife Deidre.  For those of you unaware, they have a daughter with Down Syndrome & have an amazing foundation in St. Louis that we are also members of.  On the back I wrote them a note - it's crazy that they are going to see a picture of Ollie, and I know they are going to love her!

The kids were good.  They had a blast.  On the way home Everett told Jade that the "red ones"  AKA the Cardinals were stupid & he likes the "blue ones"  AKA the Cubs.  Jade couldn't believe it.  However, the Cubs lost & Everett is a fair weather fan because he likes the Cardinals again today.

Aubrie cried on the way home because she didn't see anyone with Down Syndrome.  It cracked me up because seriously, there were at a guess 500 people with Down Syndrome in attendance. 

Thank you again Shelly for including us in this day.  It meant the world to us!  I am excited to attend more events in St. Louis now that Ollie's heart is repaired - it's definitely a wonderful group & I see a lot of friends in our future there!