One of the scariest things for me is our future regarding Ollie.

Not the typical fears that others immediately think of like never having an empty nest...

in all honesty I think it's easier for me to imagine her living with us forever.

School scares me.  At age 3 she ages out of Early Intervention where she gets therapy now, in our home, with me watching and learning.  When she goes to school it's out of my hands, and kids aren't always nice.  Thank the good lord for Aubrie, Everett, Caroline & Penelope to ensure kids are nice to Ollie Faith.  I get so mad when it's on TV.  I've been bombarded so much lately with uneducated people tossing around the word retarded like it's some hilarious joke, but if it happens to my sweet girl, I can't even imagine.

Another fear is boys.  That's right I said boys.  The thought of her having a boyfriend, although I have a few cuties picked out for her, scares the crap out of me.  And marriage - oh dear - marriage let's not even go there.  And let's face it, Ollie Faith is a charmer - what boy could turn her down??

Living on her own - ugh - I think I'd rather her live with me or in a house right down the road too.

And the worst part, the high rate of Alzheimer's and the shorter life span. 

It's so far away, and so very scary to think about if I allow it.

So I push myself into a positive mindset & move on.  She is only 6 months old, so why fret over something that is unknown.
I'm focusing on eating up her smile every day, letting her know how loved she is, and working on her therapy.  She's having a blast now that she's healthy & I'm having a blast with her.

I never would have dreamed how fabulous she would be, but now that she's here I can't imagine her any other way!  She's a rock star!

And since I'm totally random all the time, just an FYI - I am totally looking forward to October - Down Syndrome Awareness month - and blogging daily about Down Syndrome.  Last year that month was a hard month & blogs lifted us out of the dirt, shook us off, and gave us a firm kick in the butt that everything was going to be perfect.  So many mamas, so many blogs, fabulous pictures of adorable kids, so much good information - eek I'm excited to take part this year!!