Yesterday there was a show in our house.

Aubrie dressed herself in her finest duds & moved all the kids recliners to the sides of the room.

She magically transformed into a bunny.

Everett put on a leopard headband & bam, he WAS a leopard.

(I'm not sure what this new smile is about, but he uses it often.)

They posed for multiple pictures for their camera slinging Mom.

They made Trudie into a flower, and Ollie too.  Trudie was a natural star.

Then, they put on a play with the leopard and the bunny.  I video taped.

What you missed is they also brought out eighteen hundred stuffed animals for said event, and the play consisted mainly of Aubrie eating carrots & Everett eating pepperoni. 

It was riveting.

The best part of said play, I caught on video their ridiculous bantering & their smallish argument on what they were to be doing.  Oh yes kids, when you are 16, this video is going to be your downfall!   Love it!