Do you ever have nights where your kids tell you something & you think holy crap balls - what are we going to do about this?

Well last night was that night.

After Everett was in bed and asleep, Aubrie informed Jade that Everett got in a fight on the school bus on the way to school yesterday.  Apparently it was so bad that the bus driver had to have a high schooler break it up as she was driving down the road.

That was all we got.  No one called from the school, Everett never said a word about it.  So Jade & I are sitting there puzzled.  What the crap - I can't believe the school didn't call us & what really happened.  Did Everett start a fight or did another kid start it and he finished it?  He's VERY impulsive, but he never just starts fights with strangers.

So at breakfast we ask Everett about it & he claims to have asked a boy to move that was in his spot, he pushed the kid, and then they got in a big fight.  We then proceeded to threaten him with his punishment that he'll get a spankin' with the paddle next time & if he keeps it up they will ban him from the bus.  He was devastated.

So after they left on the bus this morning, me paranoid of what they were doing, I told Mom the saga.  She suggested I call the bus driver, who happens to be the same driver that drove me to school.  So I call her up, and she is as surprised as I am, because none of the above was true.

They seriously embellished the entire story. 

He has been good on the bus, just a few moments of standing in the seat looking at the people behind him, but he just turned 4 so that isn't shocking.

So yes tonight, we discuss lying.

They are full of wind those two kids of mine, big windy stories...I wonder where they got it!  Ha!