Today this little bundle of sweetness turned 4.  Yes, you heard me right, he's 4.  I don't know how or when it happened, but he grew up on me.

He's still wild as cats as Aubrie says, and he's still my sweet boy.  I'm cherishing the hugs that I have left in him because before I know it, hugging his Mom won't be cool.  Darn, time freeze needs to become a possibility soon!

This little chub had good reports in St. Louis.  She does not need glasses - woot woot!  Her heart has a minor VSD by the patch, but she can go off all her heart meds & we don't go back for 6 months.  Hopefully the VSD will close on its own, but basically it's not something to worry about because her Dr. isn't concerned with it - can I get a praise the Lord?

Seriously 6 months without a cardio appointment - oh my gosh - I am on top of the moon for reals!

Then I got to squeeze on this little sweetie too!  I have been dying to meet her for so long & I have prayed for her continuously - I was thrilled to meet her and her mama!  Pictures from them to come!

It's been a good day indeed!  I must run because my birthday boy will be home soon & I have hugs & kisses to give him when he walks through that door & probably 4 spankin's and a pinch to grow an inch or 3.