She made her debut last night at 6:30 PM

She's a chunk at 9 pounds 1 ounce & 20.5 inches long.

I think she looks like Maggie Jo.

Maggie said today her hair is buzzed & blonde, but I'm betting she has a red tint to it!  That's my hope anyway.

I am DYING to kiss on her again, but party bonus - she lives in my basement (condo) so when they arrive home tomorrow - Maggie is going to want a nap, or a shower, or to eat & I'm the fill in wet nurse - ha no not really, but she'll smell it on me I'm sure!

My kids are anxious for their arrival - the hospital won't let them visit - Aubrie is crushed.  Tomorrow they will finally meet LP and then annoy the day lights out of sleep deprived Maggie - pray for us all :)

Guess who has two thumbs & loves babies - this girl!!