It's been 6 years since this happened.

Jade read my blog & was dying of embarassment!  He demanded I post a follow up blog.

You see all those years ago, he didn't mean a math compass, he meant a hiking magnetic compass!

It makes a lot more sense, still stupid, but a heck of a lot more sense than a math compass!

Now he knows why I thought it was so ridiculous, and now I understand why he thought it was completely logical!  Who knew 6 years later that my blog would make us finally discuss our stupidity!!

Oh and he was completely embarassed that I posted that he dropped the F bomb toward me because our pastor sometimes reads my blog.  My disclaimer is this, he cusses, it's true.  Not often, and rarely ever the F bomb, but in a fit of rage he loses his cool.  That however is the one and only time the F bomb was directed at me - if it happened again I'd beat him, literally!