Today my first baby started Kindergarten!

She was so excited she was up early for her, I normally pry her out of bed!

Then, she was unhappy that I was going with her and that it wasn't a real day of school.  Today was just a meet & greet with her teachers.  Tomorrow is the first real day where they have recess, lunch, and she rides the bus to and from - ugh I'm nervous about the school bus.  Every bad thing I learned, I learned on that same school bus route that she's climbing onto tomorrow! 

Everett took a picture of us, clearly she's not thrilled about it, and of course a fly would land on my arm at the exact same time he took the photo - priceless.

What is better than your first day at school?  Well duh, pictures with your two favorite cats & your brother still wearing his pjs and a black eye.

Here is her school - she is pumped!  I know she will love it, but it's hard to see her growing up so fast.